Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Costume Company Name Suggestions NEEDED!

I mentioned a few days ago that I'm going to be starting a costume rental company. However I'm having a really hard time coming up with a suitable name.

So I've decided to ask you for help. Post your suggestions in the comments below, and then I'll add the ones I like to the poll I'm going to run next week! If your name suggestion wins, I will give you a $10 gift certificate to the costume business! (which could go towards costume rental or custom design!)

So far my ideas consist of:

History's Wardrobe Costume Rental and Design

Sword and Rose Costume Rental and Design

Chronos Costume Rental and Design

As you can see, I'd like something that hints at historical costuming (although I'll also do some fantasy and possibly steampunk). Also, do check online to make sure your idea hasn't already been used for a costume company before sharing it!

Looking forwards to see what you come up with!


Carpe Guitarrem said...

Sword & Rose, all the way.

Trina said...

My vote's for Sword and Rose.

The Scarlet Pimpernel said...

The Green Dragon! No. not really. The blue Dragon! hahaha! no. Wouldn't it be Lovely or Fashions of old.

The Pimpernel

Teresa said...

Here are my humble options:

1. Creative Stitches Costume Rental and Design

2. Stitches In Time Costume Rental and Design
(Oh I just realized that rhyme...)

3. Needles and Threads ect.

4. Sewing Back In Time ect.

5. Silver Threads ect.

6. Crimson Roses ect.

7. Sweet Sewing ect.

8. Whimsical Stitches

9. Whimsical designs

10. Frills and Lace

11. Bows and Ruffles

The Scarlet Pimpernel said...

Ok, fine. Sword and Rose. Obviously everyone is voting for that.

Elarinya said...

I like "Sword and Rose," but my thought when I read it was "Fashions of Old Costume Rental and Design." Or..."Knights' and Ladies' Costume Rental and Design"
I also like "History's Child Costume Rental and Design."

That sounds exciting to be starting the company! I hope it goes well!

AutumnRose said...

Oh, I have to say that I'm intrigued by "Stitch in Time".

Victoria Rose said...

1. Fashions of Old - Costume Rental and Design
(I know Danny already suggested this one, but I was the one who gave him the name. :P)

2. Whimsical Threads - Costume Rental and Design

3. Undying History - Costume Rental and Design

4. Peek into the Past - Costume Rental and Design

5. Wouldn’t it be Lovely - Costume Rental and Design

That’s all for now! :)

Cor Mariae said...

Queen of the Faeries--Costume rental and design (I really like this one. hehehe it makes me think of costuming because the faeries are always dancing. ;))

Cup of tea--costume rental and design (tea makes me think of regency gowns ect. ;)

whirl of stitches---costume rental and design

Dancing starlight--costume rental and design (or perhaps dancing in the starlight? )

ye olde costume--ect (heehee! this was a whim. ;D )

dreaming of history--ect

wonderfully made--ect (this has a biblical tint--"for I am fearfully and wonderfully made")

The faerie seamstress--ect (again with the faeries. ;D )

rainy day costuming--ect (it's raining here. :P really inspirational ;D )

belle of the ball--ect (I like this one alot too. :) )

that's all I can think of for now. :) I tried to give them a historical "feel"---but I don't know how well I succeeded :P