Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Presenting Miss Katherine Hosanna

Katherine Hosanna
Born 4/28/19
8 lbs 6 oz
21 inches long

15 hour labor (after 4 weeks of prodromal labor)
Natural labor and delivery at birth center
Labor was rough, but there were no complications and I'm recovering well. I had excellent support from my husband, mother, doula, and team of midwives.

Katie had some trouble getting enough oxygen after she was born, so she was taken by ambulance (to receive continuous oxygen) to the NICU for observation and continued oxygen. It was nervewracking and stressful, but within two days everything was stabilized, and after four days we were cleared to take her home. 

Despite the disruptions of NICU living, we utilized the lactation help available there and established solid breastfeeding. We also jumped right into cloth diapering and elimination communication as soon as we got home. 

Although very tired, we are very thankful for our miracle. 

"They call me Katherine that do speak of me..." 
Very early on in our relationship, Nathan and I discussed how many kids we each wanted and shared some names we liked. Although we vetoed a LOT of each other's names, we discovered that "Katherine" was a top girl's name for us both. We liked the many nicknames available (Katie is what we are using right now, also Katie Anna, and maybe someday Kate. But not Kathy.) and I also liked the connections to English history, Jane Austen, X-Men, and just generally the awesomeness of heroines named "Kate." 

Hosanna came along much later in the game. We discussed a few geeky options, but we pretty overwhelmingly felt that we wanted her middle name to have a meaning relevant to our faith. God's plan for our lives and the existence of this little girl has been so clear to us, and we wanted her name to reflect our joy and thankfulness. Anna is also a family name, so we liked the nod to that within the larger context of Hosanna. How I actually hit upon the name Hosanna I can't quite remember, but Nathan and I both liked it quite a lot once it was in our minds. 

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AnneMarie said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful and I love the name :) I know you guys aren't Catholic so you may not care about this, but 4/28 happened to be "Divine Mercy Sunday" this year (it's always the Sunday after Easter, so it moves around), a day where we focus particularly on God's incredible love and mercy-so I think it's really cool her birth just so happened to correspond with that feast (though I'm sure it was really tough for you to go beyond the due date). I hope you guys are doing well! Hang in there-the early weeks (and months) can be so challenging with the little sleep. It's amazing how caring for a tiny little baby can be just so exhausting and overwhelming at times!