Saturday, February 18, 2012

Home, O Home!

I find it's always slightly traumatic coming home from vacation. I mean it's lovely to have my sewing machine and my family and good internet access, but it's also stressful, not to mention recuperating from airplane travel. My head is still fighting off the worse migraine I've had in years. 

Ah well.

I am home. For all of it's issues, it's still a wonderful home and I am very blessed that my parents allow me to live here while we work on dealing with my health. I'm glad to see my sister again, snuggle with my kitty, and talk to mom and dad. I look forwards to seeing my friends again, hopefully tomorrow providing that my headache doesn't interfere with plans. 

And I am grateful for all of you for being so patient with a very quiet February on this blog. I've tried to make the quality exceptional, even if the quantity was low. Looking forwards to sharing much more with you in the rest of the month! 

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