Thursday, April 17, 2014

Let's talk about Agent Grant Ward.

Agents of SHIELD gets a bad rap for poor character development. And it's true that the show has done far less than it could. But we now know why they haven't been able to do more with Agent Grant Ward without giving a LOT away.


Ward has been the boring straight man. We've liked him when he's protective of Skye, we got annoyed when he slept with May, and while we have been looking to get to know more about him, honestly it's been so dry for so long that there's no longer any curiosity.

Until this Tuesday, when suddenly Agent Grant Ward became someone very scary.

Last week we saw him murder Hand, but there was room for speculation. Was he working for Garrett, or was it a double bluff, working with Coulson?

This week made it pretty clear that Ward is bad through and through. Oh, there's a window, through his affection for Skye, for eventual redemption. But his coldhearted explanation to Raina of his infiltration of Coulson's team was downright bone-chilling.

Were there clues we missed? Could they have planted more without giving away "Winter Soldier"? Could we have seen more of his past without uncovering this treachery? I don't know. But it's clear why we didn't get beneath Ward's facade earlier - they wanted to keep this as secret as possible. So that we feel as betrayed as Coulson's team is about to.

I found it truly scary to see how Ward methodically wormed his way into the heart of the team, becoming totally trusted and accepted, without anyone so much as guessing his real motives. His utter lack of regret was really hard for me to watch, as I think would be true for anyone who has been betrayed by someone they trusted.

At this point, it's less about Garrett being the big bad, but rather Ward himself. I do think he'll redeem himself eventually, but predict he'll die doing so, probably in Skye's arms.

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