Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"As You Wish" says Cary Elwes

Honestly, I don't know what I could say to sell this book any better than the cover does. Perhaps, however, all that is needed is the affirmation, "Yes, it lives up to its cover."

Anyone who has ever loved "The Princess Bride" will enjoy this book. Whether you're keen on cinematic history or just enjoy fun stories, this is a lovely look into the making of a treasured classic. Written almost tenderly by Cary Elwes (The Man in Black) with inset recollections from the other participants, it tells the tale with sweetness, humor and humility. It gives you just the right amount of detail without overstaying its welcome, and stays clear of the crudity and ego you can sometimes find in these sorts of autobiographies.

I vastly enjoyed the visit behind the scenes, as well as a look into Elwes' own personality. It was informative and so entertaining that several times I was afraid I would wake my husband up when my silent laughter shook the bed! (Oh, and yes, I stayed up late two nights reading it!). Perhaps the most intriguing bits were learning about the work that went behind the stunts (especially the epic swordfight!) and hearing how sweet of a person Andre the Giant (Fezzik) was.

A must-own for any serious "The Princess Bride" aficionado, and a must-read for the more casual fan.

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Rachel said...

I have this book on my to read shelf. So glad you thought it was good. Can't wait to read it.