Monday, November 28, 2016

OUAT 6.9 "Changlings"

After a week off, OUAT is back with some big developments.

Spoilers ahoy!

First of all, I want to state that after rewatching the first three seasons of OUAT with my husband, I am finally coming around to enjoying Killian as a character. My first watch-through was so overshadowed by my frustration of them taking an iconic villian and turning him into a handsome Jack-Sparrow-Wannabe. Having now come to terms with that, I can appreciate the character he actually is, which makes for much less stressful viewing.

Snow and Charming had a tiny subplot this week, but it is one with big implications - possibly. Aladdin redeemed his earlier failure by putting on the cuffs and becoming a genie so that Jasmine can find Agrabah. Which really shouldn't be that dramatic of a thing - isn't it obvious that Jasmine's final wish will be to wish Aladdin free? But, oh well, it's still romantic and heroic and lovely.

I also think it is quite lovely and bittersweet that they have chosen not to portray Aladdin's genie on the show. This seems to me an obvious tribute to Robin William's passing, and I think it is a good choice. To have any other genie interacting with Aladdin on a Disney-connected show would feel weird at this point in time, even if not actually disrespectful.

Perhaps the biggest shock in this episode was finding out that Rumple's mother was the long-referenced Dark Fairy, played by Jaime Murray (Warehouse 13) in a far too short scene. Indeed, for such a big revelation, there was almost no build-up, which was pretty disappointing. This could have been a half-season arc in and of itself. Not that we need it, but it would have been nice to spend a few more episodes leading up to the revelation, accompanied by a few more scenes. Dare we hope that we'll get another flashback with her this season?

Now, yes, Belle's decision to send Gideon away was also a big deal, but I didn't find it so shocking. Indeed, I sincerely thought that the answer to the dilemma was going to be to kill Rumple (although of course that is far easier said than done). But of course Belle would never ever do that. For her, sending her son away is a thousand times better than killing anyone.

It remains to see how this will actually play out on scene. Will there be a time skip of some sort, with grown-up Gideon coming back with the Blue Fairy (but better done than with Connar on Angel). Grown-Gideon has been so delightful in Belle's dreams, I would really love to see him as a series regular or at least continue to be a re-occuring guest star.

The downside is that it sets up another 'full circle' plot on the show. Really, can we come up with some new motivation for Rumple?

Ah, I'm forgetting. This is OUAT. The moment they have you believing they've become mundane and predictable, they twist everything up unbelievably. So... I'll wait...and see...

Speaking of twists.

CRAZY THEORY - Does Emma somehow split herself? Is she fighting herself in the end? Trying to kill herself? This would really tie the two series-long threads together AND provide a big twist at the same time. Especially if somehow Emma defeats the Evil Queen without killing Regina, but in payment, has to split herself, and her evil side turns out to be naaaasty.

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