Monday, November 3, 2008

The final day

Because my dear friend and forum daughter, Rachel, has already written a perfect description of this day on the forum, I am simply going to copy and paste it in here. All credit goes to her.

So I am finally home and I am very sad. I miss everyone so is hard to believe how much we really bonded over that short period of time.

*sighs*So to tell you what happened yesterday. It was very busy but an incredibly great day.

1) We had our writers workshop with Regina. It was very good and I learned a lot about writing and how you put a story together. You all can look on that thread for more info. Elena took lots of notes which I am going to steal since I was not there for every workshop.

2)Next we got ready for the tea party. Basically putting on skirts and just making ourselves pretty. As we girls tend to do. Marie - - - - (I am so sorry I forgot her last name ) who did the voice for Mrs. Brier and Mrs. Foster came over and gave us a quick but informative etiquette class. Then while we all drank tea Mr. Andrew came and told us his and Regina's love story. It was so sweet!! He promised to type it up and put it here on the forum for the rest of you to read.

3) Then we got ready again this time for the dance. We did hair, make-up, and clothes. Everyone had such beautiful dresses!! The forum girls had more medieval/fairy taleish dresses while the girls from Long Island had gorgeous prom dresses! (I'll post pics later)Marie Miller came with her sisters Tess and Carolyn (sp?) and played music. We also had an open floor and all the forum people got up and sang "Into the West". This included Bowman. We also danced the Virginia Reel again and had just a grand time. Everyone met the guy who did voice of Fish from the Radio Drama and Ben, the man Regina based Paul on. Very cool.

4) Bowman and his roommate gave us a sword demonstration. It was very cool and we all had a great time. They had a choreographed fight that was very funny. (pics to come)

So all in all it was an absolutely amazing time! I am so glad to have been blessed to be able to attend! I thank Regina and Mr. Andrew for being so generous and putting this on for us. God bless you two! Rachel~

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Rose said...

Elena, I nominated you for an award!