Friday, October 31, 2008

Painting, dancing and family

We started off the morning on Thursday with a writing workshop taught by Regina. It was a ton of fun and despite the fact that I know quite a lot about writing, I DID learn some things. Regina is a good teacher. ;)

The big project of yesterday, though, was working on the Middle Earth Mural in the meeting/school room. We are basically painting the landscape of Middle Earth around the upper edge of the walls. The original plan was only Hobbiton, Rivendell, Lothlorian and Edoras, but we kept thinking of new places and new details so it's going to be quite intricate when it's finished!

Then the new groups arrived- we had about six girls from Long Island, and then our friends Lady Rachel and Emmy from the FT-forum!!!!

All six of us forum girls gelled immediatly and we've been having a blast ever since. Rachel and Emmy (and some of the Long Island girls) helped us work on the mural. Then we had a fiddle band (whose violinist was the cover model for Blanche Brier) come and play for us. Since we were outside and had plenty of space, Meg taught us how to dance the Virginia Reel! It was so much fun!

Friday found the forum girls talking and scheming and singing like, it was like a bunch of long lost sisters discovering themselves. We watched half of my version of Little Women at lunch, then headed back up to the meeting room for part two of the Writer's Workshop. (Again, my notes can be found on the forum.)

We had some free time before supper, so Bowman the Black came over and gave us some weapon demonstrations. I got to practice the quarterstaff and foam sword (foam swords ROCK!) with Lady Rachel. Lady Rachel is, incidently, my daughter on the FT-forum. So I can forgive her for bruising me. I was being quite aggressive anyhow.

After supper a couple of us dressed up in our murder mystery party costumes and took the little kids out trick or treating. That was fun, because I haven't gone for several years. Plus any excuse to sing crazily in the dark is a plus in my book.

Once we got back the mystery itself began. I played a reporter and therefore had a good excuse to start questioning everyone right away. I'm not sure I did a very good job though, because I discovered a vital clue early on but forgot it later when it became important. *thunks head against keyboard*

Anyhow. The party was awesome. Especially because Andrew was playing the part of a drunk guy and was just hilarious in his portrayal. It's always fun to see someone really get into their part.

That should bring it all up to date. I believe there are pictures on both the forum and facebook- with more to be uploaded soon.

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