Sunday, October 5, 2008

DisneyWorld Adventure!

I apologize for the lengthly absance....but I hope I make up for it with this extensive photo post on my trip to Disneyworld!
The pictures are all somewhat out of order....first is the firework show at Epcot
Cinderella's Castle
Our shadows. (I went with my friend Meg, who often posts as Princess_At_Heart over at the FT Forums.)
A show at Magic Kingdom
The light parade at Magic Kingdom. (Is this Flora or Fauna?)
A London street at Epcot.
Italian pillar at Epcot
Roofs of Germany at Epcot
Florida moon.
A Bagpipe band! (At Epcot)
My Pretty dessert. ;)
Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse (which was closed for renovation. Rats.)
A Pirate Demonstration with Jack Sparrow.
Our Hotel.
The front building at the hotel.
Audrey Hepburn's handprints at Hollywood Studios.
Susan Pevensie's LWW dress at Hollywood Studios
Lucy and Edmund's costumes
Edmund's torch and chess piece
Caspian's costume!
The Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom
Cinderella's Castle at Night
Another look at Cinderella's Castle
The Mural under the castle.
An inspiring plaque at Hollywood studios.


MJ said...

Jealous of you and Meg. I so miss disneyworld(i used to live an hour away from 9t). Great pics.... glad you had fun.

Rose Marchen said...

Cool! *squeels* Jack!
*scrolls down and squeals again* Lucy's dress!
And Edmund's torch!
*fangirl scream* AND CASPIANS COSTUME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like you had fun, but I'm glad you're back! We've missed you!

Alexandra said...

*freaks out and sighs* How exciting and cool!! Great photography and amazing sites. I'm sure you enjoyed yourselves immensely!