Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random bits of coolness

I'm constantly amazed at how many things happen in one day here...We had quite a long car ride down to the airport to pick up my friend Megan, and so I had a lot of time to think over the past few days. It occured to me that I haven't remembered everything when writing my posts- such as the fact that we watched my film, Little Women the other day.

Today, as I previously mentioned, we drove in to pick up Megan. That was an adventure in itself because it's quite a ride to the airport- but all among beautiful the beautiful Northern Virginian Mountains. It's simply gorgeous this time of year with all of the trees turning color and the light shifting among the clouds.

After arriving home, Regina, baby Polly and I went grocery shopping. It was great to be able to chat more with Regina on the ride and learn more about her writing, etc.

Supper was a LOT of fun. All four of us girls cooked (I directed the making of cream cheese mashed potatoes!) and we had guests! Danny (who plays Fish on the audio drama) and his wife Michele, as well as Bowman the Black and another student from Christendom College. After supper Danny played his guitar, and we all sang and danced with the kids. It was a blast. The songs were all fun and crazy- we even had some Disney Robin Hood to top it off!

We also got to talk to Danny about his experience as an extra in M.Night's The Villiage. It was awesome to hear about that- how he got involved with it, what shots you can see him in, and what actors he was able to meet.

THEN, after supper, we talked with Regina and Andrew about some of Regina's upcoming books. It's really awesome- I can't wait to see what's coming next. Alex O'Donnell and the Forty Hackers (which is the next work in progress) looks absolutely amazing- we were able to see a wee bit of dialogue and it was just hysterical.

And finally, Regina had a chance to look over a couple chapters of my latest book. I was quite happy with her feedback- it was very encouraging. :)

Now...pictures ARE coming- and I'll clarify- BOTH Facebook and the Forum will have pictures. I just don't really know what to take pictures OF. Suggestions would be appreciated.


Elena said...

Wow! everything sounds wonderful :D
As for pictures, well, anything! The house, the garden, the chimney, your drawings, the fireplace... absolutely anything :)))
But above all, just keep having a good time!

Elena said...

whoops i forgot to put that was from Katerina ;)

MJ said...

great update. I can't wait for the Fourty Hackers. Your trip sounds amazing. and for pictures, the house and the changing colored trees. Oh yeah and you girls with Regina and Andrew.

Lady Merilwen said...

Take pictures of EVERYTHING!!!! I want a photos of the people who were there, the inspirations and models you get to meet, making dinner, taking walks... EVERYTHING!!! Don't stop taking pictures! Weird ones, funny ones, cool ones... EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

Angel_Horses said...


Ok, that was a random scream that had no purpose or reason :P
Thanks SO SOSOSOSOSOSOSO much for keeping us updated, Elena! Even if it makes us sick with jealousy :P

And, pictures---lots and lots of pictures! Even more than you posted already! Just lots of crazily random ones--walk around with a camera, taking pictures of helpless, unsuspecting people!!!!!

Erin said...

Wow...sounds like an amazing, amazing experience.