Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sixth Day and Twelfth Night

Yesterday was the sixth day that I've been down here at Shirefeld. I found myself counting it out on my fingers twice- six days already? It can't be! Only four left??? *cries*

We had a laid back morning of watching the kids and cleaning up after breakfast and lunch. (I got to make my own breakfast, and fried up some mashed potatoes. Fried mashed potatoes are my favorite way of reheating mashed potatoes.) Meg and I also took some pictures, which are up on Facebook and the Forum if you haven't seen them yet.

Then Regina, us girls, and the kids headed down to town. I was dropped off at Christendom College, where our friend Bowman the Black gave me a very nice tour of the campus (Christendom is beautiful, has a very small student body, and very high expectations). Meanwhile the others brought the kids to their music lessons, then did a bit of thrift store shopping.

Back at home we all worked together to get supper made. Rosie (Regina's eldest daughter) and I made two cheesecakes for dessert. We added pumpkin to one of them, which was an absolutely brilliant idea because it tasted somewhat like pumpkin pie.

After supper all of us (including Andrew) sat down to watch the movie Twelfth Night. It is the version with Helena Bonham Carter, and even though it wasn't close-captioned I was familiar enough with the story to enjoy it a lot. It was hilarious!

Following the movie the older children and we girls sat around the fire for awhile. Meg, Alex and Katie were catching up on their internet/computer stuff, and I was crocheting while planning a skit with Rosie.

But we were getting rather loud and it was late, so we hurried off to bed. Only I didn't really go to bed. I took my computer over to the addition and watched the first dvd of X-Men Evolution that Bowman the Black had lent to me. It was only an hour, so I was able to do it without loosing too much sleep. And very good. I think I'm now officially an X-Man fan. ;)

Today I believe we are expecting about thirteen more people to join us! Should be fun!


Erin said...

Twelfth Night is my absolute favorite Shakespeare-movie. :)

Angel_Horses said...

13 more people???? Wow...