Sunday, October 19, 2008

Indiana Jones 4

I didn't type out the whole name because technically this isn't an official review. On the advice of my father (who knows my deep-rooted aversion to aliens) I didn't expose myself to the visuals of the final third of the film (except for the happy ending) so I can't really go in depth on all of that.

My thoughts are these:

The whole alien plot is pretty creepy and stupid.


Cate Blanchett does a pretty good job as a Russian

Marion is BAAAAACK!

and finally....Mutt Williams is even better than I was expecting. He's not a stupid sidekick- he knows what he's doing and really, at some points, out-Indy's Indiana himself! That was a pretty nice twist, and it makes sense.


I mean, what else would you expect from the son of Marion Ravenwood and Indiana Jones?

So hopefully if they go through with a 5th Indy movie (as the buzz is reporting), they'll be smart enough to give Mutt even more screen time, and pick a plot that is not nearly as disturbing as stupid aliens.

EDIT: Oh, and I should also say that there's some pretty good cinematography and cool use of shadows. It's Spielberg, so I shouldn't be surprised. He's a master with that stuff.


The Real Katie said...

i agree i thought that the alien thing was kinda dumb.... but i was REALLY happy that Marion was back! YAY!

Serendipity said...

Totally agree about the aliens...

TrinaBina said...

I totally agree! The aliens were SO stupid. Me and my friend saw that movie in the theater, and when we realized it was about aliens, we just kinda gave eachother a look and rolled our eyes. The other ones were so great, and historical, then they had to go ruin it with aliens. Yuck.
But yeah, it was great that they put Marion back, I was excited about that, and Mutt was really great!
To sum it up, I agree with you 100%, Elena!