Sunday, October 26, 2008

Covered in Paint

Right now I'm more or less covered in paint splatters...but quite happy about it. We've all been working hard to get everything ready- so far I've done some priming, some painting, some window staining, some dishwashing, and lots of hanging with the kids. And the funny thing is that I love it all! My own siblings are quite old so it's fun to be with the little ones- and then Regina and Andrew are just awesome to talk to.

Tonight Regina and I and her eldest daughter were painting two of the upstairs rooms...we were useing a rather interesting system in which we painted with old oven mitts. Or rather, banged on the wall. Made for an interesting collection of sounds when we started singing random musical tunes...another mutual interest Regina and I discovered.

Afterwards we had a long and interesting talk about what films we find interesting and why. Apparently I need to see the film "Labyrinth" which sounds rather interesting. I picked up a few more interesting things about what inspired "Snow White and Rose Red."

This morning, of course, we went to Mass, which was absolutely beautiful. It's been a number of years since I've been to a Catholic Mass, and never in a traditional church like theirs (only Cathedrals and more modern buildings). So it was very cool.

Afterwards we drove up to an Apple Orchard which is on a very high hill surrounded by other, higher hills. It was gorgeous- we had wonderful weather today and apparently the forecast is going to be quite good for the rest of the week. We discussed the possibility of going back later this week, which I hope we can because I want to get pictures of the amazing vista.

After a visit to their son Joshua's grave, we returned to the house. The girls showed me around the property and we had a good lunch. During clean-up Regina and I got into a very interesting conversation about what makes Catholocisim differant from Protestantisim. (For those of you who don't know, I am a Protestant, Regina and her family are Catholics). Regina explained a lot to me about Marian Theology. It was very interesting and intriguing because I had never heard it explained the way she did it. Definetely a lot of food for thought there...

(I know I missed yesterday's post- it's still coming because it's rather specific, but it needs to be edited)

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Angel_Horses said...

*sigh* I want pictures! *whines* :P

Well, today's Monday, so more people are showing up today, aren't they? So--pictures!