Saturday, October 25, 2008


Good morning everyone! I'm still not sure whether that's an oxymoron or not, but seeing as I got woken up by a kitty for almost the first time in two years, I'm quite happy. ;)

For those of you who don't know, I am currently visiting my favorite author Regina Doman and her family. I run her fan forum and several of the other fans will be joining us later this week.

I arrived safely last night, had a lovely supper with the family, and then spent the first half of the evening getting to know the house and the kids. The kids and I discovered a mutual interest in drawing, so we all drew pictures while Andrew (Regina's husband) read from Regina's third book, "Waking Rose." Then we had evening devotions and the children went off to bed.

I have to laugh just thinking about the second half of the evening because it was so fun and so unexpected- I had no idea that Regina and Andrew would have time to read the entire typed portion of the movie script on the first night! But they did! I got so much awesome feedback on the scenes...character motivations (my actors are going to squeal!)...some fun new lines and brief appearances by Fish...all this on just the first night!!!

Andrew went to bed around 1:00, but Regina and I stayed up chatting until 3:00 AM. That was pretty cool. Besides the movie we just talked about things in general...getting to know each other. It was lovely!

Now I should probably get up and see what everyone is up to- I think we're going to be painting part of the house today. (They are working on an addition to their house and are trying to get as much done as possible before the other fans arrive).


purity_lover said...

Oh my goodness!!! I'm getting more excited! Thank you for posting that and see you on Monday!

MJ said...

great write up esp for the script. Can't wait to here more.

Elena said...

wow! that is so cool, & you're so lucky! :D
wish i was one of the fans turning up laterin the week... oh well. I'm sure everyone's stay will be just awesome! :D

Angel_Horses said...

I must admit, I am terribly jealous *sighs* But I'm glad you're having fun so far! When are we going to get to see any pictures???????
(probably when people start arriving, lol :P)

Lady Merilwen said...

Pictures!!! Pictures Elena! "Tis the only thing that will ease my broken heart at not being there with you! *sniff* You had better have fun!!!!

And take a picture of Purity-lover! I want to know what my daughter looks like!!!!

Angel_Horses said...

Oh, and "good morning" is DEFINITELY an oxymoron!