Monday, October 27, 2008

Fairy Tales

As one would expect, Regina's children love fairy-tales just as much as she does. This morning the middle ones and I photographed a sequel to Snow White and Rose Red using the same dolls that they used for their project of the first one. I hope to have it up on the blog here soon.

Then this afternoon all of the kids and I (except for baby Polly) went on a looooong walk. They discovered a cool woods down the road, that "Looks just like a fairy-tale!!!". That was cool.

When we got back from the walk, Bowman the Black (one of the few guy members on the forum) had stopped by to say hello, so I had the chance to meet him. He and Andrew told me about his current writing project, which sounds very interesting. I'm looking forwards to reading it.

This evening two more fans arrived- Puritylover and Ella11 from the forum- both lovely young ladies! We were also joined for supper by Regina and Andrew's friends Nick and Clare. Nick was one of the models for Paul Fester (from "Waking Rose" and "The Midnight Dancers") and so after supper he gave us a brief introduction to some basic aikido moves. That was pretty cool!

Work on the addition progresses- I love what Regina is doing with her meeting/school room. It already reminds one quite a bit of the Shire from "The Lord of the Rings" (they are big LOTR fans) and we came up with an idea of putting bits and pieces of various LOTR places around the wall, going off the points of the compass for location. I hope it works out- it would be very cool.

Pictures will be on the forum or on Facebook- I don't think I'm actually going to post them here. You all know my blog policy.


Lady Merilwen said...

Oh dear... on Facebook????? NOOOO!!!!! *weeps* I have not an account, nor can I get one!

Hmm... if you do go with the Facebook instead of blog... could I PM you my e-mail and then you could send them to me? I have people to back up the fact that I am not a stalker! ;)

Angel_Horses said...

I don't have facebook--PLEASE post the pictures on the forum or on both!!!!!!!!!!