Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Household Exercise?

I was browsing through my sister's old "Brio" magazine (by Focus on the Family) this morning and came across some interesting exercise statistics.

Did you know...(because I didn't!)...that these household chores do burn calories?

(from Oct '07)

Making your bed: 68 calories
Changing the sheets on your bed: 73 calories
Dusting your bedroom furniture: 85 calories
Vacuuming: 119 calories
Rearranging the furniture: 204 calories

Washing the dishes: 78 calories
Cooking: 85 calories
Ironing: 78 calories
Sweeping with a broom: 112 calories
Scrubbing the floors: 129 calories
Washing the windows: 102 calories

Yard work: 170 calories
Gardening: 136 calories
Shoveling snow: 204 calories
Raking: 146 calories
Washing the car: 102 calories
Mowing the lawn: 187 calories

Carring an infant (up to 15 lbs) up and down stairs: 289 calories.

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Rose Marchen said...

Really? That's interesting and good to know! So doing chores does have it's benefits...