Friday, April 10, 2009

Plugging onwards...

So yesterday I was in need of some serious writing. Wednesday had been a doctor day, and all the writing I did was more or less editing and restructuring. But Thursday I was ready to plunge on forwards into the tantalizing final third of my book.

I say tantalizing because, really, it's the part I've been writing towards since the beginning. When I wrote out my outline (months and months and months ago) I had put the most detail into what I then thought would be the second half the book. Well, as I wrote things down and realized exactly how much space everything took, it became obvious that this part was going to take longer to reach than I expected.

However, at page 215 or thereabouts I reached the first piece of the extensively plotted section...and zoom da ze zoom. It's flying now.

I'm still surprised that I managed to write 18 pages yesterday. Maybe it was my dedicated mind, maybe it was the knowledge that I was finally getting to the "good stuff", or maybe it was just the coffee (I love the flavor "Irish Cream". It totally rocks). Whatever it was, I got a good portion done. Another hundred pages to go? Maybe. How long will it take me to get it done? Before the end of April, I hope.

And then starts the rewriting.

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