Thursday, March 11, 2010

What to think about "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader"

Oh what a roller coaster ride of emotions and expectations this new Walden Narnia franchise has proven to be.

First - thrills of excitement to learn that all seven movies were projected to be made for the big screen - with a correspondingly big budget.

Second - How can I find out more about this production? oooh... there's this cool place called Narniaweb...

Third - NARNIAWEB.COM absolutely ROCKS! Awesome people, all fans like me, nitpicking and theorizing over the little stuff... oh it's so cool...

Fourth - countdown to opening night, complete with midnight showing and costumes!

Fifth - Let down. LWW was so far off from the book for me that I couldn't believe what they'd done to it.

Sixth - acceptance. They're not going to get it right, so I'm just going to enjoy whatever they do change.

Seventh - A Black-haired 25-year-old Prince Caspian? Are you kidding? Such an Orlando Bloom wanna-be.

Eighth - Rising anticipation. The changes for "Prince Caspian" actually look rather cool...and okay, this Ben Barnes guy does look kinda cute.

Nineth - cool down, guys. How could you not expect all these changes? It looks like it'll be interesting and entertaining and - wow, those costumes are pretty...

Tenth - PRETTY COSTUMES! I'm going to make one...

Eleventh - I'm going to make THREE, and we're going to see it close-captioned at the Midnight Opening.

Twelfth - MIDNIGHT OPENING ROCKS! Totally in love with this movie... (no, nothing like the book, but I expected that, you know? And they kept more lines from the book than LWW did! Come on...yeah, and Prince Caspian is even cuter now. ;) )

Thirteenth - So - VotDT - greenlit! Boy... I don't know if I can stand changes on this one... it's so perfect...

Fourteenth - Michael Apted looks like a decent director. Good call. (Yay! Adamson "Shrekman" is GONE!)

Fifteenth - So... where's the VotDT news?

Sixteenth - Okay, Disney is out of the picture... now what???

Seventeenth - Well Fox is dedicated to making family friendly movies...

Eighteenth -

Nineteenth - Will Poulter looks great for Eustace!

Twentieth - ...NEWS?!?

Twenty-first - Watched "Son of Rambow." EXCELLENT film. Will Poulter is going to make an AMAZING Eustace!... come on Walden/Fox... when are you going to start filming???

Twenty-second - HORRIBLE leaked script. WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY THINKING??? *cries - depression - despair*

Twenty-third - apology over leaked script. Skepticism.

Twenty-Fourth - yeah, NOW they start filming. I guess the pictures are okay. But what on earth is going on with this mysterious little girl named "Gael"? Doesn't VotDT have enough going on with it without adding more subplots?

Twenty-fifth - You know, the marketing on this film really isn't any better than it was for PC... are you SURE you learned from your mistakes? because I'm thinking not.

Twenty-sixth - Ahha! So you acknowledge you made mistakes in PC... but not LWW? Well, you seem to be working AWFULLY hard to gain our trust back. I'm a little impressed, I guess. (Okay, very, but that doesn't mean you actually HAVE my trust back). No witch? Okay, that's good, but I still see that little girl Gael falling into the ocean. Seems like you're dedicated to getting the spiritual truths in there though... well, I'm waiting. I will see it in theatres. But you've got a LOT to live up to. A LOT.


LuminousSpecter said...

Hello, Paul Martin, here from

I've also seen footage from the movie. They've already finished filming. If you look at the last few weeks worth of news on my front page, you'll see multiple reports about the footage that was shown.

Victoria Rose said...

YEEES! Love Narnia! Love LWW! Love PC! And I think I am going to totally fall for VotDT. :D Great post, Elena.

Merriette said...

I totally agree about Narniaweb! Personally I preferred LWW to PC by far, though I have issues with the former as well, but I am very hopeful for VDT. :D (As a member of Narniaweb it is hard to stay completely spoiler free.)