Saturday, April 21, 2012

Martha Jones - and then what happened?

Remember that secret writing project I gave you all a sneak peek at? Well it's typed up, edited (thank you Bowman!) and posted on DeviantArt. Those of you who figured out it was Doctor Who related get gold stars - it is the story I've long wanted to tell of how I envision Martha readjusting to ordinary life and beginning a friendship with Mickey Smith after saving the world a second time in Journey's End.

You can read it here:

Not only is it my first attempt at short fiction in many years (I'm a novelist) it is also my very first time writing in the present tense. I didn't choose the tense, that's just how the story presented itself to me and I'm quite happy with how it worked out.

I hand-wrote the entire first draft, much of which was written in doctor offices. This forced me to choose my words carefully and make every letter count. Not only is this vital for short fiction, but it also is good for learning what to weed out in longer projects and makes for tighter writing altogether. I'm looking forwards to applying the new discipline to my current novels!

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