Monday, September 10, 2012

At the Coffee Shop, Writing

Okay, since I'm writing this post, technically at this exact moment I may or may not be procrastinating. Procrastination is of course the arch-nemesis of any self-employed person, but especially of the writer.

However I've actually done fairly well. I'm working on expanding the synopsis for book #3 of the Ruah Chronicles (for Chesterton Press) so that my editor and publisher can sign off on it and I can get started with the actual writing. I got Act I finished (that's 1200 words written just today) and after this break I'll hopefully have some juice left to get cracking on Act II.

I'm thankful that I'm well enough to drive, and therefore leave home to write at a coffee shop. It's really where I do best and I've missed it. Of course part of being well is eliminating caffeine from my diet, so that leaves me with hot chocolate or decaf tea, and unfortunately the selection of teas here is not great...

But the comfy chair is good, so is the ambiance, and when I'm here I can mentally turn off the "must be working on costumes!" and "should be cleaning house!" modes.

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