Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Which Shows Are You Excited About This Fall?

After a summer dominated by the Olympics, TV viewers are ready to reconnect with their old friends, and possibly make some new ones as well. Which shows are you excited about? I've got quite a list, and here's why...

Returning Shows I am Psyched About

Doctor Who (BBCA)
- Britain's favorite Time Lord returns to our screen, saying goodbye to old friends and welcoming a quirky new companion to the cast!

Switched at Birth (ABC Family)
- Bay and Daphne and their switched at birth families return with more twists than ever. Daphne is trying to get a job and finds her deafness a bigger obstacle than she expected. Bay is dealing with her breakup with Emmett, and then the whole family has to figure out what to do to keep Angelo from getting deported... and Regina's plan will surprise them all!

Modern Family (ABC)
- After last finale's shocking revelation from Gloria, we're on the edge of our seats to find out how this unexpected expansion is going to impact our favorite modern family!

Once Upon a Time (ABC)
- One of the biggest hits of last year, OUAT ended with an explosive finale and several loose threads. We don't even know if some of our favorite characters are still alive, but one thing is for certain. With memories restored, Storybrooke is bound to look quite a bit different this year!

Parenthood (NBC)
- The Braverman family sets itself apart from other shows by being about more than family - it consistently remains true to its central theme of the trials and joys of parenting children in all stages of life. Often deeper and more realistic than we've come to expect from prime time television, I'm looking forwards to seeing what another year has brought to this family.

- Marilyn made her debut - or did she? We're still not sure who is going to carry on the title role, but the death of a certain character could sure shake things up. But what I'm most excited about? More of that awesome original music!

That's already a pretty full schedule, but what about the new shows? Am I going to take the time to check anything out?

Upcoming Shows I May Investigate:

The Arrow (Wed, Oct 10, 7c, CW)
 - The Green Arrow hits TV screens in another attempt at a superhero TV show... will this one actually last?

Revolution (Mon, Sept 10, 9c, NBC)
- Another offering from J.J. Abrams set in an apocalyptic future. We'll see how this goes - the cast list has me excited, so it really depends on the writing and execution.

Any other new shows I should be checking out? CW's "Beauty and the Beast" could be good, but I'm not intrigued enough to check it out until I've heard more. "Elementary" is another take on Sherlock Holmes, but after the brilliance that was the recent British series, I'm not really interested in another interpretation. And "666 Park Avenue" looks intriguing, but I'm wary of the spiritual undertones, which could be really fascinating or really disturbing.


Anonymous said...

Revenge is another good one.

Rosa Edholm

KatySue Pillsbury said...

Can't WAIT for "Once Upon a Time" and "Smash"!
Don't know if you've watched it and just didn't like it, but "Grimm" was a late season favorite of mine!
I would be excited about "Doctor Who", but I'm only to the end of season 3, so all of the buzz around the series seven premiere is making it REALLY hard to avoid spoilers! =P
There were so many new shows I was excited about last year, but this year the selection is kind of meh!
I am going to check out "Elementary" and after researching "666 park Avenue" have deiced to skip it! As fascinating as the idea is, my imagination does not need any help in that area!

Rita Valdez said...

I'm excited for the new seasons of Doctor Who and Switched at Birth.

The pilot for Elementary was adorable. Miller and Lucy Liu have excellent acting chemistry. This Holmes is quite different from Cumberbatch's Sherlock, more sympathetic while still being a jerk. He's intriguing: a total mess of course, but refreshingly rangy and energetic. I'd say give it a try if you don't mind that the mysteries are run of the mill (so far). It's far from brilliant, but I am looking forward to it. Oh, dear. I liked BBC Sherlock a lot, but I am positively inclined toward Elementary.

Green Arrow looks SO dubious, but I will be there with bells on.