Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wedding stuff, check check check!

Wedding RSVP cards have arrived!!! We chose to go with postcards from Vistaprint - cheapest option by far. I did all the design work myself and I think it turned out very well... if I do say so myself. (Okay, a couple people now have thought that I was using a precreated design so I must be doing all right).

Then, Vistaprint had another sale, so we placed the order for the invitations themselves on Sunday night. They've been shipped so... I'm kind of super excited for Friday to come so I can see them!

We are really trying to minimize everything going in the envelope. The invites are single sheets (not folded) so combined with the postRSVPcard (that's what I'm gonna call it now) it'll be a nice efficient planet-friendly combo.

At first I didn't want to prestamp the postRSVPcards, but after doing research I learned that it's the most successful way to get responses. Apparently in today's day and age, people will not respond at all and still show up... unless you call them and track them down. Ouch. I'm afraid if anyone shows up without having mailed their response card, there won't be any food for them. So if you get one of those cards, friends, please mail them in!

Now comes the fun part of handwriting all the addresses! I've told the fiance he can manage the stamping, stuffing and licking, and I'll do the writing. We're both happy with this arrangement. Having been enlisted by my siblings to address their graduation envelopes, and having done most of the Christmas letter addressing myself this past year, I'm in pretty good shape!

Time to nail down the photographer, florist, program design, music and... oh right, finish scheduling the premarital counseling. Plus, you know, dress alterations and gifts for everyone... oh and speaking of gifts, we're going to be doing our registry very soon, which should be quite fun!

...did I forget anything?


Rosa said...

So exciting, Elizabeth!

Hannah Mellino said...

You are going to have a FANTASTIC wedding!! :D

Elora said...

So excited for you! This is awesome. Vistaprint is a great option. I used them for my business cards. You talking about cards just made me remember August last year, helping my best friend do cards and things for her wedding. Sigh...wish a wedding was going on around here! (I'm not necessarily speaking of myself, just in general--although mom would definitely like that). ;D

Katerina said...

Oh, GOSH! I've been away from your blog for a while and cannot tell you how awesome it is to come back and hear news of an engagement and wedding planning. ^_^ I know it's late, but huge congratulations to you both!