Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Inner Drama of a Haircut

 It's interesting to note how different people tend to handle drastic hair changes. Some like to put it out on facebook for opinions beforehand, others like to get it done and then reveal to the world, either for shock/surprise value, or because they know that (assuming their circle is polite) they won't get negative reactions once the deed is done.

The last reason is really why I didn't broadcast my haircut plans. My hair was very long and lovely and I adored it and I knew there would be people begging me not to cut it off. I loved my hair a lot and it was an emotional thing to do, so I didn't need any more words running through my head when I was at the hairdressers.

Anyone who has ever made a drastic hair change knows how it is. Sometimes it's relief to have it gone, other times it is an emotional loss, even if you have good reasons for making the change (and even more so if an illness is making the decision for you.) Sometimes it's both.

I was definitely emotional while the scissors were snipping around my head. I had to really hold onto the logic of my choice and not the emotions of the hair falling to the floor.

Okay, most of it didn't fall to the floor but was saved by the hairdresser for donation. Honestly a part of me doesn't even want to admit this because I'm NOT trying to seek out attention or accolades. For me it was just a practical thing - if I went a little shorter than originally planned, I could donate my hair and it's a heck of a lot easier to get that much hair cut off when you know it is going to a good use rather than into the garbage.

But donation was a side effect, not the driving cause. I wanted to cut my hair short because:

4. I was tired of it taking forever to dry after a shower (a real pain when one wears hearing aids)
3. My hair was tangling ALL the time and keeping it snarl free was more trouble than it was worth.
2. It was getting in the way all the time and when I pulled it back the pressure/strain caused tension headaches.
1. Nathan had been saying for over a year that he thought I'd look really cute with short hair.

It all got precipitated when my friends and I decided to do Hipster Disney Cosplays for CONvergence and the couple Nathan and I chose were Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. My head couldn't deal with the weight of a Rapunzel wig, so I decided now was the time to make that long-deliberated haircut.

It was fun doing the cosplay for the CON, but that pales in comparison to Nathan saying "You look SO CUTE with that haircut!" and "I just love your hair!" about three times every hour. The look on his face makes every snip worth it.

Plus the cut itself is really growing on me. It's marvelous to be able to wash and dry my hair quickly, and the discovery of some gorgeous ear cuffs at the CON meant I could add some shiny stuff to my ears that didn't get lost or tangled in mounds of hair.

Everyone has also been super complimentary which I really appreciate. I know I always get a little sad when I see a friend cut off her long gorgeous hair, but I understand the reasons, obviously. And the good news is that my hair grows out pretty quickly so I'll have my long locks back without too long of a wait.

The best part has been that my haircut doesn't require styling. I was initially wary of the hairdresser at Fantastic Sam's because the blow-dried cut was pretty flat and straight. BUT once allowed to air dry it has gotten great body and I really love it.

Probably still not as much as my husband does, though. ;)


Christina Dirkes said...

You look super cute. I love those ear cuffs! What a great alternative to earrings!

Katie H said...

I also had a great deal of hair, after leaving it alone thru pregnancy and breastfeeding it was to the tops of my hips! The headaches I got from carrying it all in a ponytail (because who wants sticky toddler fingers in their hair?) were getting to be too much. I cut mine just 9 months after my daughter was born and I have not regretted it since! (like you I did donate mine as well, I hate for good hair to go to waste)
I do have my hair a little longer now, but the headache free life is much better than the pretty look of those long locks!

Elaine J. Dalton said...

Short hair is pretty nice. I got frustrated with my long hair last summer {its a love/hate thing} and chopped it short like yours myself. My poor husband wasn't too happy, but it's growing back so he's getting happy again. ;)

Amanda said...

Awwwww. I can just picture Nathan looking at you and smiling that smile when he's looking at you and you're not looking at him and admiring your haircut. =]