Monday, January 12, 2015

Little Thoughts on Literal Conversations with God

I don't really understand how I could feel so tired all day yesterday (cold/sinus infection), but spend an hour and a half laying wide awake after turning the light off last night. I finally gave up and just took some Zzzzzquil because I need the sleep to get better, but first I spent lots of time thinking about random stuff.

One thought that came across my mind was that I felt bad for God because he couldn't actually hold a two-way conversation with us. (Yeah, I was tired, okay? even though I couldn't actually sleep). Then I thought - "wait, why am I feeling bad for God? He's GOD. He's got the power to do anything. If he wanted to just talk to us, he could."

Then I thought about that some more. Our sin separated us from God in the Garden of Eden. God can't walk with us day to day anymore. And quite honestly, if he were to start speaking directly to us, most of us would probably have a major freak out! We'd think we were possessed or going crazy, right? I mean, it's no wonder the first thing any angel says in the Bible when making earthly visitations is "Fear not!"

So God speaks in the small ways to us, and that doesn't make for tremendously satisfying communication on this side... and though I'm no theologian, I rather imagine that God is also looking forwards to the day when we're all up in Heaven and he can have a proper two-way conversation with each of us where we can't mistake exactly what his saying (or pretend we don't hear).

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