Thursday, January 7, 2016

Trimming the Fat

You know, I feel pretty crappy most days. On the other hand, I also feel pretty proud of myself when I manage to edit 20 pages, despite having a headache and nausea all the time. But yeah, there's no extra energy for blog posts yet. Alas.

I did have one thought on the editing process that I wanted to share. Editing is weird. Part of my focus on this pass is really trimming the excess fat from the story. I'm about a quarter of the way through and have managed to cut 3,000 words, despite writing some new little scenes. If that remains the average, the book should wind up around 111,500 words. This makes for a tighter story (the beginning in particular lagged a bit), but also less expensive to publish and sell.

Unfortunately I'm still behind schedule, even with my valiant puttering away. So I'd best get back to Microsoft Word...

1 comment:

AnneMarie said...

I like that analogy-that seems like a good, positive way to look at the editing process. I am very, very excited to read your book someday!!!