Monday, January 29, 2018

Surgery time again

Where has January gone? One month into 2018 and life is crazy.

This week I am having laproscopic surgery for endometriosis. This is a common outpatient procedure that typically has a short recovery period. However, a) it took me 2 weeks to even begin to recover last time I had it done, b) I now have fibromyalgia, c) they may discover more and need to do a more invasive procedure which would require an overnight stay.

So basically I go to sleep and am not sure what I'm waking up to.

While I'm hopeful about possible positive outcomes, it's also a pretty emotional turn of events for me. Obviously, surgical intervention is not a hoped-for step, and particularly not when you've already had it done once.

This time around, of course, I have my amazing husband. And in addition to my own parents, I also have the support of my in-laws. Considering that my mother-in-law has already stayed with us and helped me through some significant health issues to date, I am feeling very optimistic and happy about the post-op care I'll be getting!

For those who don't know...Endometriosis is a frustrating, painful, fertility impacting gynecological disease for which there is no cure. It's not life-threatening, but it is seriously life-altering. Sometimes surgery can remove all of the endo cells, but those are the lucky women.  So, yes, this surgery, (which is only one aspect of how we are fighting this disease), is a good step, but it's not a cure. There's no guarantee of success. I have a new doctor whom I am very hopeful about--but, personally, I can't hope too much. My heart can only take so many dashed hopes.

So right now my life is a mix of frantically getting everything in order before the surgery--this all happened very fast--and trying to stay distracted, work on my book, enjoy the latest season of Victoria (oh man Jenna Coleman continues to be so perfect--a perfect actress with a PERFECT nose. Seriously. Her nose is so perfect it distracts me from the excellent acting and gorgeous dresses. Amy March would probably die of envy if she knew such a nose existed.)

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AnneMarie said...

I'll be praying for you and your surgery! And I think it's so funny you point out Jenna Coleman's nose-I haven't even noticed her nose in particular, but now you bet I will! I just love her (and Thomas Hughes) in Victoria so much. My toddler is thoroughly enjoying this season of the show, which makes me quite happy :)