Monday, February 11, 2008

There and...NOT back again?

I'm beginning to think that the Hobbit is simply not intended to be made into a film. Honestly, to get even to the point of giving the film the greenlight took much longer than I think anyone expected...especially in a franchise of this size. With these new legal developments it could be a long time before this project ever gets to Middle Earth.

I am, to be quite frank, all right with this. Sure it would be cool to see The Hobbit on screen, but I have always seriously doubted the ability of the filmmakers to give it the exact touch that it needs. After the seriousness of LOTR, how can they ever give the Hobbit the lightness it needs?

Especially when certain other filmmakers seem determined to "mature" Narnia as much as they can. *sigh* my favorite scene in all of LWW was Lucy's first entrance into Narnia, a scene exploring the wonder and innocence of childhood.

Oh well, enough on this topic. I left Ewan and Theia in a rather interesting place and I'm curious to see what they intend to do back to book revisions!


Paul Xavier said...

I think it's possible...I just don't think they'll do it... lol

Josh said...

I am still in favor of it, as long as PJ is in charge of remaining true to the book.