Monday, August 18, 2008

Beauty and the Beast- Pictures

All right, as promised (and requested) here are a few pictures from Beauty and the Beast. In keeping with my blog policy, I've chosen pictures in which the faces were either obscured/distorted in some way, or where only adult faces could be seen. We had a lot of kids in the show, so that means none of the big finale numbers are here. But I think you'll enjoy the taste I give you below!
First is the Beast's entrance after Maurice's arrival:
Second is Gaston and Belle in the song "Me"
Third we see Chip, Mrs. Potts and the Wardrobe
Fourth is the Beast- "How Long Must This Go On?"
Fifth is the title song- two of my favorite costumes!


Rose Marchen said...

Oooh! I love that last dress! So pretty!

Great photos!

So that is our possible future Bear!

Unknown said...

AMAZING! Its also cool to see the Bear and Rose for the upcoming SotB movie... AAHHHHHHH!!!!

MJ said...

wow those are amazing. And the face of Belle in the Me scene looks just like a face Rose would make. Your costumes were amazing.

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Looks wonderful! You did such a great job.

KathAvery said...

These are beautiful! Can we see a close up of Belle's gold dress please?

Victoria Rose said...

Awsome! I love the costumes...I hope I can learn to sew like that someday! Great job!

Delaney said...

Belle's gold dress (what I can see of it, at least) is absolutely gorgeous! I really love that picture. :)