Friday, August 8, 2008

Beauty and the Beast- It's here!

Tonight was our second WONDERFUL performance! Despite some rain clouds in the sky (translated = we couldn't see the sun) and some actual sprinkles, the storm held off and we were able to go on with the show.

Last night (opening night) I was back stage, making sure that all the costume changes went smoothly (there really wasn't a lot to do- everyone except the Beast has enough time to get through their changes themselves- so I just sat around a lot). Tonight I actually got to sit out front and watch the entire show. It was so amazing! I can't wait to get better pictures of the set to show you- it is phenomenal. We use the roof in some of the sections, and we have this huge castle wall and turrents and windows and...yeah...

And you've already seen some of the costumes, but wait until the better pictures arrive!

All of our actors are SO amazing. We have every shape, age and size and every single one of them is thrilled to be there. Not just the actors, but the stage crew and the parents who do concessions and crowd management and photos and everything. It takes a LOT of people with a LOT of enthusiasim and love to do a show this good on a purely voluntary basis.

My thanks to you all for patiently allowing my blog to be consumed by the show. I'm afraid that my life has consisted pretty much of the show and work. I've spent more waking time on the set than at my own house in the past two weeks! But it has so been worth it. This has been one of the best summers of my life.

And now- two more shows, pictures, and a cast party! Hurrah!


Lady Rose said...

Congratulations! I am so glad that it has been going well! Can't wait to see the photos!!!!!!! Do the cast party as well... those are always so much fun! Ah memories.... hmmmm.... maybe I should do a belated post about ours! What think ye dear sister?

Elisabeth said...

I'm eagerly anticipating photos! I've been checking back specifically to see your costume updates. :) I hope the rest of the performances go wonderfully!

Elphaba said...

When shall the photos come? I am very impatient!