Saturday, August 30, 2008


Since I have done three differant sketches in the last 24 hours, I thought I might as well share the others with you (in addition to the Fish sketch I posted earlier). The following are three differant characters from the mysterious fan fic I mentioned in a previous post. No, I'm not going to say more about it, except that I am very happy with the way the faces turned out. I don't always manage to get the right faces, but I feel that these pictures really captured the feeling of the characters. (Click for more detail- though neither will be as clear as the actual drawing)


Raewyn said...


Aw, Elena, now I really want to know about that fanfic! I think you're refusing to say what it is so we'll get intrigued. *grumbles* It's working!

HA! The word verification thingy is spelling 'tcFIS'! Haha, all it needs is a 'H'! What's that spell? FISH! FISH! GOOOOOO FIIIISH! ;)

Raewyn said...

Here's that Stardust/Breaking Dawn comment:

'Okay. Stardust. Do NOT read it. I saw the film and liked it, but there were a few iffy parts because it is made clear that two seperate pairs of characters sleep together. First Tristian's father and the slave-girl, and the Tristian himself and Yviane (sp). :P

I was hoping it was just a Hollywood thing that they had put it into the movie. No such luck. In fact, Hollywood made it cleaner, which is hard to believe I know, but it is true.

DO NOT READ IT. I stopped and put the book down as soon as I realised what was going on. The author was very coarse, even mention someone...passing air... Yuck. I was disgusted and put off.

I do not reccomend it at all. My advice: if you still are interested, see the movie, but don't read the book.

Elena~ YES! AAAHH, I LOVED IT! Lol...I'm calm now. Yes, I saw the questions. I can't believe MJ was the only one! I'll do it as soon as I can. oh yes. I read your review. Before I read Breaking Dawn! I didn't think/realise you were going to spill all the major plots.

I was so horrified I actually started screaming/yelling! I was stomping around the house, going "AAAHH! I can't believe she told me!!!! I can't believe Bella-" Hee dad and little sister were freaked out.

But even though BD was spoiled, I have to thank you. I had no idea that Twilight meant so much to me...I was surprise by how shocked I was.

I had kind of been dancing about with Eclipse, going "Eeeeh" about the whole thing, just kind of annoyed. Then I finished it, read BD and loved it all. So thanks, Elena, because now I now know that I am a huge fan of Twilight. :D'


Elenatintil said...


Am I? Hmmm...perhaps.

Actually, it's a three author deal, so I have to respect everyone's privacy. I think when the story is done we're going to open it up a bit and let some people get invites to the blog to read it. I'll sure you'll have a chance to request to read it and we'll bring your name into consideration. LOL!

I was warned about Stardust before I read it, so I was able to skip the iffy parts and read it with a more mature mindset. I'm a bit older than you, so I probably wasn't quite as shocked. Because it really is a good story and well-written. I seriously think it shoudl be considered a classic. (Believe me, Shakespeare can be just as bad! well...almost. Cruder, I think, if not as descriptive.)