Friday, June 25, 2010

Mystery, Murder and Magic

Today started off with a talk given by Regina's husband Andrew about... Godly marriage and romantic relationships, I believe. I'm not entirely sure because I spent the time working on the events for the rest of the day.

After lunch we pulled things together for the Narnia scavenger hunt. Despite being blistering hot, it was a blast. We had appearances from The White Witch, King Caspian, Uncle Andrew, Puddleglum, The Lady of the Green Kirtle, The White Stage, Queen Susan and Ramandu's daughter. All of them held clues (or needed to be defeated!) in order for our questers to reach the treasure. Magic rings, enchanted fires, and people turning to stone were just part of the fun.

Then I got to stand for over an hour and give a lecture on filmmaking, which was fairly well received. This was followed by a special viewing of two rough clips from "The Shadow of the Bear."

After supper the Black Cat Inn was transformed into the Ever After Hotel, a place of secrets, danger and attempted murder as we all participated in a murder mystery game. It was awesome to see so many wonderful characters... although my favorite part was when I was "poisoned" and got to nearly die. I love doing dying scenes. Thankfully there was a doctor on hand who managed to administer an antidote before I quite expired.

Finally a couple of the girls and I took a rest from the hullabaloo and slipped away to watch an episode of LOST.

Exhausting day, and one I'm glad is over, but it was definitely a blast.


Lanta said...

You forgot to mention that the SotB clips were VERY well received! :D

And so THAT'S where you went after! I was wondering... :(

Anonymous said...

It was very fun.