Friday, June 11, 2010

A Short Intro to Lost

Okay Vicki, here's the answer to your question.

A man wakes up in the jungle. A dog is staring at him. Where is he? He stumbles to the beach, where he finds the wreakage of a plane, and panicking people running all over the place. Quickly he dives in, saving lives and attempting to bring order to the chaos.

He is Jack Shepherd, a doctor, and they are the surviviors of Oceanic Flight 816, which crashed nearly 1000 miles off the course of their route from Sydney to LA. Though they expect to be rescued immediatly, the hours stretch into days, and then into weeks. A monster appears in the jungle, a paralysed man walks, and a pregnant woman is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger. And then they intercept a desperate plea for help that has been on a continuous loop for sixteen years.

What is this place? Why isn't help coming? Who are the mysterious "Others"? What happened to the other half of the plane? And what is in that metal hatch buried in the jungle?

Are these questions that can be answered by matters of science... or of faith?

Jack and the other survivors struggle with all these questions and more. But there is one thing they know. If they don't live together, they're all going to die alone.


Lady Blanche Rose said...

Okay, now I officially really want to watch LOST! :D

Victoria Rose said...

Thanks for posting this! :) It actually sounds...appealing. LOL! Must plot a way to see it...*evil glint in eyes*