Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Secret of Darth Vader

I thought this was a pretty interesting article. It looks at how Darth Vader exhibits six of the nine criteria bits for borderline personality disorder, as well as why French Doctors are bothering to analyse this.


Hydra said...

I love Plugged In Online and thought this article very interesting, but I don't entirely agree with it. It seems to me that when a person struggles with something (e.g. they're high-strung) they are labeled with some sort of "disorder" to excuse away their inability to control their emotions. This is especially the case in kids who misbehave - often times their misbehavior is merely the result of a lack of discipline, not a psychological or physical problem.

*Contains some spoilers* It also seems to me that Anakin Skywalker's change into Darth Vader is quite simple and hardly a psychological "disorder." His massacre of the Sand People in Episode II after the death of his mother shows that he was very emotionally attached to people that he loved. In Episode III, he couldn't bear the thought of losing Padme, the only other woman he'd ever loved, so he went to the dark side in the hope of making her live forever. I'm not sure one needs to have a psychological problem to want to extend the life of the person one loves. In fact, it seems a very natural thing to me. It was misguided in the case of Anakin, but natural all the same.

Emily said...

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