Friday, June 17, 2011

Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart

I always do more than a bit of a happy dance when I find a Jane Austen spin-off worth reading. There are just so many horrible ones that finding a good one sometimes seems impossible.

"Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart" is one of the good ones. It certainly doesn't measure up to Jane's level, but it is a good deal better than most of what is out there, and certainly more original and interesting than most Christian fiction.

Oh yes, the Christianity is subtle, but they sell this in Christian bookstores and it's quite clean. Another (unfortunately) rarity among Austen fiction these days.

So what is it actually about?

When her sister's pregnancy complications prevent her from finishing her degree at a Jane Austen synopsim in Oxford, Claire agrees to go in her place. Along the way she discovers the first draft of Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" and learns the hardest way what women find so attractive about Mr. Darcy. But who is Claire's own Mr. Darcy? The answer is not as easy as she once thought.

A quick, but fun read, I finished in about two hours, unable to put it down. It may not be high literature, but it's a sight better than normal fare of this sort and I would quickly recommend it as a light summer read worth picking up.


Adela said...


I think I'll keep an eye out for this one. :D

KatySue Pillsbury said...

I'll have to look this one up! I love spin offs but rarely find any worth reading!
Don't get me STARTED on Rhett Butler's family still has to listen to me rant about that one even though I read it a while ago! ;-)

Elenatintil said...

I actually didn't hate "Rhett Butlers People" although "Scarlett" was FAR superior.