Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Road Trip!

Today I head off for a very special out-of-state wedding. I get to drive down with some of my very oldest friends, and then be in the wedding of an even older friend. ;) I'm so very excited!

In other news --- I more or less finished the fine cut of "The Shadow of the Bear" last night! There are still a few shots to tweak, but other than that we've achieved picture lock. Considering that I did over half of the work in the past 11 days I am thrilled and more than a little blown away. I rendered it all out last night and watched a bit of it on my computer this morning... I can hardly believe I've gotten to this point!

My co-producer is working on securing the ADR from our actors, which I will lay in when I get home. We're still working on finding someone to help with audio tweaking -- otherwise we may have slightly incomplete audio for the premiere. We have one composer signed on, but we've had little luck getting a second to help her with the work --- not sure what's going on there but it's pretty frustrating so prayers would be appreciated. As it is we are definitely not going to have all the music done for the premiere -- final music will have to debut on the DVD. I also have to create the credits and get as much color correction as possible done before the premiere, but that should be fairly manageable.

However I'm not worrying too much about any of that until after the wedding. I'm definitely in need of a wee break and some social interaction. (oh yes, and I get to wear a gorgeous dress!)

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Katerina said...

That's fantastic news! I hope you enjoy yourself wholeheartedly at the wedding- dress pictures, please? ;) - and I'll be praying that you manage to get the audio sorted.