Saturday, June 18, 2011

Confessions of an Accidental Sound Editor

I was never intending to be the sound editor on "The Shadow of the Bear."

Let's face it. I'm severally hard of hearing and have to wear the most powerful hearing aids on the market to function even close to the way hearing people do. So obviously I'm not the best person to do the sound editing, right?

Well when push came to shove, I ended up being the only person. No use complaining or sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I had to get to work and give it my best shot. And you know what? So far it's turning out all right. My awesome speakers give me very good accessibility and any glitches so far are simply in lack of material to work with (ADR missing in some places, or lack of ambient noise to pull a scene together). These issues will be resolved after the premiere, but we simply don't have time to do it all now.

My brother (who has fantastic hearing) has agreed to go over my work in the next day or two and double check everything. This is a big relief to me, because if there ARE any major problems in my work, I want them to be because we absolutely couldn't fix them in the time that we had, not because we didn't pursue all options.

So now that I've completely reassured my SOTB fans... I just have to say... I feel sort of proud of myself for what I've done. I actually was more capable than I expected and the sheer volume of work that I've accomplished is... *searches for the right word that doesn't come across as bragging and fails*.

It's been a really tough few weeks here. So it's a real blessing to have something I can really and truly feel pleased about. And I can't wait until we have time to polish the last rough spots properly after the Premiere!


Amanda said...

See, I'm right when I tell you that you are absolutely amazing. =)

Emily Byrd Starr said...

Thank you Elena for your hard work! I'm sure it will be a great premiere and that it is a fantastic film! I can't come to the premiere, unfortunately, but I look forward to eventually seeing the finished project!

Anonymous said...

You're doing really awesome!!! I'm dying to see the movie when the dvd release is out!

I'm just wondering. Have you ever heard of cochlear implants? I'm profoundly deaf and the technology of cochlear implants are just...simply an amazing miracle for me. ;o)

Elenatintil said...

Yes, we did research cochlear implants. However I have enough hearing that going through the implant process an destroying what hearing I do have didn't make sense, especially because my hearing aids do as much for me as implants would. But I am really happy they did so much for you! Isn't technology a blessing?

Elenatintil said...

OH, and one more thing that should make you happy, I am totally planning to subtitle the film. :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, that's great!

Oh yes, I'm thrilled to hear that there will be subtitles for the movie! :D

Anonymous said...

How did the premiere go? Do we get pictures and interviews?