Thursday, January 5, 2012

Well Thank You Shannon Hale!

The downside to being a voracious reader is that you tend to go through all your reading material at an insanely fast rate. Keeping stocked on stuff to read is a neverending job for me and I've gotten to the point where I'll turn suggestions into library requests almost instantly because otherwise it's too easy to run out of good books.

Author Shannon Hale shared a marvelous blog post about her best reads from 2011. I quickly realized that just about every book on her list looked excellent, so I went ahead and requested nearly all of them from the library. The first ten came in within days... so I'm looking forwards to a really fun week or so of reading. Never fear, I shall report the exceptional ones to you all!

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Scarlet said...

looks fun! I'd like to hear if you like Matched or not. Everyone I know who has read it really enjoys it, but I personally did not. Probably just me though ;)