Thursday, May 24, 2012

Move over "Mad Men" - it's Lord Peter Wimsey!

Those who love British mysteries, or are familiar with the circles that Inklings C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien moved in, will likely be familiar with the name of mystery author and Christian scholar, Dorothy Sayers. Her detective, Lord Peter Wimsey, is an eccentric member of the nobility with a sharp eye, a keen sense of humor, and a very decided fashion sense.

In "Murder Must Advertise" he throws aside his privileges to investigate a murder in an advertising firm - by masquerading as an employee.

Although set some twenty-five years prior to the popular "Mad Men," fans of the show will recognize and appreciate the very similar environment of the advertising firm - and the intrigue of murder and a drug ring. Although slower moving than typical detective fiction, it gives a very complete picture into a section of long-gone British life. And though it might seem that the mystery lurks more in the shadows than at the forefront of the plot, the ending had my completely admiration in its ingenuity.

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Andy Hauge said...

HA!!! I remember seeing this, it was for my Mysteries in Film class. Quite a good movie. It also led to the class making numerous cracks about "Lord Peter Whimsey...IN SPAAAAAACE!!" I don't remember why.