Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Maybe an Igloo would make a good Library?

About ten years ago, we started hearing rumors that we were getting a new library. We were all excited... and then nothing more was said. About six years ago a display appeared with a place for patrons to write in what they wanted to see in the new library. YAY. Then... nothing. Well, we heard there was this plot of land by the government center that had been purchased for it. But besides that... nothing. No construction... no signs... nada.

Then in 2010 I go off to Virginia to nanny and tutor and when I get back three months later...

BAM. Library.

June 2010 it opened and since then I've gone nearly every week when I'm in town and not sick in bed. It's got a great layout inside, is big and bright and open, has beautiful views, and this really cool design to make it 'green' which includes grass growing on the roof. The other month we even got a modern sculpture thing, which also seemed to appear magically overnight.


See whoever designed the library seemed to forget that the winters up here are REALLY REALLY COLD. Just walking from my front door to my car can sometimes be painful. And the library parking lot is laid out in such a way as to ensure that everyone (even the handicapped people) have to walk as far as possible.

I suspect a scheme to encourage people to just plain walk more. Which would be great if, you know, we lived in Florida or something. And in the summer it's not half bad, it's really quite a lovely walk.

But in the winter it's frigid and the design of the library actually acts like a wind tunnel along the sidewalk, so you get absolutely blasted with cold air. On the other hand, the tunnel is nice when it rains, cuz then you don't have to get wet and I can tell you horror stories about getting absolutely soaked at the old library.

Anyhow. Library's beautiful. Apparently designed by someone who grew up in southern California, but still beautiful.

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