Friday, April 19, 2013

Epic People, Epic Snow

The worst of my costume rush is over! Well it's still going to be insane, because I am getting my own stuff ready for C2E2 which is going to be awesome... but more about that next week on Confessions of a Seamstress. The geeky awesomeness is that I'll get to attend panels including such awesome people as Peter Davidson (Doctor Who), Jane Epenson (Producer and Writer for Everything Epic Ever), Felicia Day (Eureka, Dollhouse, Buffy, other awesomeness), and Natalie Dormer (The Tudors, Game of Thrones)! PLUS favorite artist of mine, Karen Hallion, will be in the Artist Alley. I have three of her DW/Disney Princess t-shirts and have to pick just one to wear to meet her... I'm leaning towards Mulan since it's the newest.

 Anyhow, the point is that I should be writing more regularly now. And OUAT is coming back this week and that of course is terribly important to review right away!

Meanwhile, Minnesota has had about ten inches of snow dumped on her in the last 24 hours. Jack Frost, the Great Intelligence, The White Witch... we've had plenty of accusations passed around. Personally I like my brother's suggestion, that George R.R. Martin got the idea for the endless winter from us. I mean, we already know that he totally based the Starks on my family... anyhow, guess I'd better keep my eyes open for those White Walkers!

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