Wednesday, June 12, 2013

OUAT Season 3 and other things

Suddenly it's been 6 days since I last posted and I'm not entirely sure how that happened.

Oh yeah. I had this mole taken out of my head and there were stitches and I've been too woozy to type much ever since.

(Yeah, "mole" sounds gross, but if even I say "minor medical procedure" people still freak out. Anyhow.)


Article of note at the moment is Leaky's perspective on some Once Upon a Time Season 3 teasers. Everything looks pretty good to me except the split season. Really? I honestly don't think that's the best marketing angle, ABC. Just when you get folks hyped up... "oh yeah I want to watch that! When's it on? Sunday? Right!" three days later... "It wasn't on." "Oh yeah," you inform them. "It's on hiatus for two weeks." Or three. Or eleven. Just brilliant.

At least we get eleven episodes per half season, and not six like Doctor Who.


Last night I was awake for a bit and somehow tried to figure out why the perfectly healthy Mother in Swiss Family Robinson didn't have any more kids after Franz. I mean sure you don't want to have more babies after you get abandoned on a deserted island, but perfect family planning for 10+ years in the early 1800's? (Mama couldn't have been more than 38 or so when they arrived, and would have been fertile for at least three years on the island, if not more if she were actually younger, not counting the decade that had already passed since Franz's birth).

Sure it's not something that a conservative Swiss pastor is going to think about when plotting his book, and don't get me wrong, I adore the story. I'd just never thought about this before... my theory is she had some sort of problem with Franz that kept her from getting pregnant again. Something that was probably really hard to accept at the time, but they later realized was a blessing. I mean, four capable sons are all assets when carving out a new life on a lonely island... but having to feed and keep track of a toddler (or two)? No thank you...

It's possible the hole in my head is making my thoughts weirder than usual...


Matthew Bowman said...

It has obviously been too long since I read Swiss Family Robinson, because I realized I couldn't even remember the ages of the children involved.

Sigh. My book list is too long. This used to be a good thing . . .

Amanda said...

I love having random thoughts like that at night. They are the best. ^_^