Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Keyboard vs. The Pen

I usually write on the computer.

I'm a pretty fast typist (almost fast enough to keep up with my thoughts!) and I like being able to quickly copy/paste and check translations and facts online. Plus handwriting for too long hurts. And it has to be typed eventually anyhow.

Every now and then, however, there is a good reason for me to get out the pen and paper. Most of the time this is when I'm at writer's group and we're doing group writing activities. In the past it's also how I've written screenplays (yes I handwrote and then typed almost the entire SOTB script). Sometimes I'm just plain stranded with a good idea but no computer and therefore no choice but to write out the words by hand.

Today a combination of needing sunlight and feeling really blocked about a scene I needed to rewrite drove me out of doors with a pen and notebook. Strangely enough, the scene started to flow faster and faster. I was reluctant to come indoors, but my hand was aching. Worth it, however, for the results.

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