Monday, August 4, 2014

It was a Geek's Dream Come True

I'm going to be honest, I've never bought into the reality TV show craze. My family watched some, so I've seen, y'know, episodes of Extreme Home Makeover and such, but it's not something I pursue on my own time. However, when my dad said "Elizabeth and Nathan, have you guys heard about the new reality TV show that's in a fantasy Lord of the Rings-like setting?" I knew I'd have to check this one out.

The premise of ABC's "The Quest" is 12 contestants setting out to save Everrealm from a Big Bad. There are trails and feats of talent and three Fates to guide it all. All of the guides/extras/supporting characters are costumed actors staying in character the entire time. In episode one we got the helpful steward, the arrogant lord dude with an awesome costume, and the tough drill sergeant. There was also an attack by some sort of very real looking troll creature.

Guys. If you're a geek, if you've ever wanted to experience the adventures we read/watch/play, then you are so going to identify with the contestants on this show. They could be you or your best friend. Nathan remarked as we started watching it with goofy grins on our faces, "I don't think this is healthy for me!"

My biggest concern going into the show was that the competition would overcome the defining arc of the epic fantasy - a group of misfits working together to save the world. Reality shows are so often the opposite of that. However, in the first episode at least, we saw a lot of working together and how they would need to work well and depend on each other to succeed. One contestant remarked something along the lines of "When I started, I thought it would be about eliminating the strongest players so I could get to be the One True Hero, but now I want to keep them in to help me or help someone else become the Hero."

Which was tremendously awesome. If that mindset prevails over the next few episodes, this will be a truly special show.

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