Monday, August 18, 2014

Confessions of a Fiber Addict

Spinning is addicting.

I made this 3-ply yarn...

...from these 3 mini-balls of wool.

This is a double ply (I knew it wouldn't be long enough to complete a project if I did a three ply.)

Here's a picture that includes my spinning wheel! Here I'm spinning the single ply that will eventually turn into...

...this hat! 3-ply, spun from mill end fibers. (It was basically a mixed grab bag. I must have gotten lucky because it was really luxurious to spin!)

I've also been hit with the knitting bug. Here are my first completed pair of socks!

Knit on a size 2 needle, the pattern is from the book "The Intentional Spinner". I loved the pattern because you basically size it to fit YOUR feet and the method works really well.

I'm actually adapting the pattern slightly to create socks for my husband with a single large cable down the center front. Using size 1 needles for this.

The perfect way to occupy my hands while Nathan and I rewatch LOST together...

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