Monday, February 23, 2015

Marking Another Year

I turned 26 this weekend. It's not a big year for anything except "I'm past 25. I really feel old now."

Nonetheless, I had a good birthday! I told Nathan "I really want to do something for my birthday, but I'm so tired of planning it." So Nathan was an awesome husband and set up a fancy dinner along with my friend Janny. We dressed up and ate quesidillas. It was lovely!

Janny set the table super nicely - I really appreciate formal table settings. Too much "Downton Abbey" viewing or something? ;)

Not to loud, but with plenty of laughter. So special to have such dear friends around me!

This is just a really fun group. 

My sister celebrated with me the week before when she was home from college and we watched "The Princess Diaries" out of nostalgia. Great fun. 

Mom and Dad took Nathan and I out to eat yesterday, then the four of us settled in to watch the 87th Academy Awards, which is the only live broadcast I ever care about (I mean, dresses!)

All in all, it was exactly the sort of stuff I enjoy to mark momentous occasions. And I'm one of those people for whom celebrating birthdays is pretty important, so it meant a lot to me that the people in my life made the effort to celebrate with me. 

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