Friday, February 13, 2015

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

Looking for a good book to curl up with by the fire? There are just two days left to win a copy of "Rebel Queen" so get your entry in!

I don't usually get to curl up in front of the fire these days, as our apartment doesn't have one. I do like finding a good chair near the fake fireplace at a nearby Caribou Coffee, but they don't give off heat - or do they? I've had conflicting results. I should ask my friends who work at Caribou whether there are different fireplace settings...

Some exciting news on "The Mermaid and the Unicorn" front! I have written through most of the climax, which means I just have the end of one chapter and the epilogue to write! Then it's editing time, as I get the manuscript into the shape I want, and then pass it on to my co-writer/editor, Matt, who will do his work on it before passing it on to our publishers at Chesterton Press for their edits. It's a bit different than the normal editing process since it is a multi-author series and a multi-author book, for a series which is owned by the publishing company, not the author.

Anyhow, the cool stuff is that my manuscript is currently registering at 115,000 words! The epilogue will add more, and the editing process will... well I don't know if it'll mean lots of cuts or whether additions will balance that out. But it's looking like a pretty nice sized novel that'll mean many nights of happy reading for those of you that pick it up!

Meanwhile I'm teetering between the two extremes of sick and healthy. When I'm sick, I'm pretty out of it, but as soon as I get well I'm going as fast as I can to catch up with everything. This means that blogging can sink through the cracks, as does keeping up with non-business correspondence. Eep!

Although I haven't had a chance to blog about them, I'm still keeping up with "Agent Carter" and "Downton Abbey" (Best season of Downton yet? Maybe...) and Nathan and I are also really enjoying the final season of "Parks and Recreation." We'll be so sad to see it go!

Speaking of finales, I cried absolute buckets (three tissues worth!) over the beautiful ending to NBC's "Parenthood." I just loved that show so much! If you haven't checked it out yet, all the previous seasons are up on Netflix.

Being sick in January meant that we needed a show to binge-watch. I started ABC's "Revenge" by myself, but Nathan quickly went from casually eavesdropping to actively theorizing. We just finished Season 3, but won't be able to catch up with Season 4 until it hits Netflix later this year. No spoilers, please! (If you haven't watched the show, it is really well written for all of the soap advertising. Basically it's as if the Count of Monte Cristo were a young woman in 21st century New York society. Superb acting and writing.)

What's on your Netflix?

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