Monday, July 13, 2015

Are You Watching "Poldark"?

I love it when both Nathan and I get equally obsessed with a show. We did with "Wolf Hall" (Actually, Nathan was even more into it than I was, probably because I already knew what was going to happen!), and now we're doing it with PBS's newest import, "Poldark."

We don't have TV, so we watch it online the day after it airs. This means I'm currently awaiting Nathan's return from work tonight to see episode four - so no spoilers!!!

Anyhow, my synopsis of the plot thus far is this: after the Revolutionary War, Ross Poldark returns to his home in Cornwall, England, to find his father dead and his fiance engaged to another. Against all advice, he determines to revive the family estate, do right by his father's tenants, and reopen his family's mine. At his side is the spunky young serving maid, Demelza, but will her encouragement and Ross's strong will be enough for him to stand against those arrayed against him?

This is the second BBC show of the name. The first was aired in the '70's and was also based on the "Poldark" novels by Winston Graham. I'm dying to dig into reading the novels (which are on Amazon Unlimited!) but am resisting the urge until we've at least watched the first season. I want to get through season one unspoiled, so that Nathan and I continue to be on the same page.

And yes, Poldark himself is played by Aiden Turner, whom you may recognize as "that hot young dwarf" from "The Hobbit."

It is a grown-up show in tone, but since it aired on PBS it is pretty appropriate as far as what you see/hear. (Characters tend to use the curse "Judas" a lot, which I've never heard used before). There is some immorality, but framed in such a way as to never appear a right or honorable choice - and so far there is no gratuitous nudity or anything more than the briefest beginnings of a sex scene. (I don't know if the original BBC broadcast contained more).

This is the perfect time to jump into the show, as the first four episodes are all up on PBS for free - BUT episode 1 is due to expire on the 19th, so get thyself a'watching!

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Emily Starr said...

Loving this show! Thanks for the recommendation! Also, Ross Poldark reminds me of Robin Hood.