Saturday, July 18, 2015

Books, More books, and other stuff.

So. What's up? Summer. A hot summer. Sure, Texas would laugh at us, but it has been very humid up here as well, so it really has been quite intense for us Minnesotans.

Nathan and I got bikes! Of course, once we got them, the heat ramped up and my health ramped down and so I haven't done as much as I'd like. Nathan goes out and has solo adventures though.

I opened a new etsy store! I can run my embroidery machine while doing other sewing stuff, so I thought I'd try and make some money off of it - all part of trying to get me off deadline work so that I can be less stressed when my health delays things. I'm really excited about all the cute designs I've got up on my tea towels! Go check out Whimsical Kitchen here for all of your unique dish towel needs.

Summer is book binging time as well. Ironically I've made two big hauls in the past two weeks. I say ironically, because I just got Amazon Unlimited as well, so I'm overflowing in books! The stack above is from two weeks ago - love love love Half Price Books!

Today my sister and I went to the Half Price Books Tent Sale and both spent about $20 getting some good stuff. We also sniffed around the local street festival that was going on and compared the art pieces to what my sister is creating in her studio. (She just wrote a post on being an art student, which I think is pretty interesting.)

As you can see, I had more luck in the YA section than the adult section. This is mostly because the YA stuff was cheaper, so I could get more!

And since it was blazing hot again today, and we had to park aways away because of the street fair traffic, I am exhausted. Over and out!

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AnneMarie said...

Humidity is AWFUL to deal with! That's rough that the weather turned harsh once you got bikes. Those books look wonderful! Nice find!