Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Death in Paradise

Looking for a good summer show? Does a whimsical detective show set in the Caribbean with plenty of Anglo/Franco humor sound like your niche? Well then, how about checking out Death in Paradise? Netflix just got Season 3 up, so you have 24 episodes to binge on.

The Premise: A fastidious English Detective gets sent to a Caribbean island of to help solve a murder. Although he dislikes the sun and his Britishness is abrasive to the French islanders, he is good at his job and the local commissioner works out a deal with London to keep the detective around. Slowly he becomes beloved by his coworkers (the islanders are by far the best part of the show) and starts to tolerate the climate, while solving one mystery after another.

Nathan and I fell in love with the show pretty quickly. The characters are great, and the feel of the show is quirky and upbeat enough to set it apart from most crime dramas while making it the perfect bit of relaxing entertainment after a long day at work. The mysteries, which have a very "Agatha Christie" feel to them, are pretty clever, although we do enjoy figuring out as many as possible before the reveal!

It's also fairly clean. There are mentions of affairs, and there are bodies, but you don't see anything and the language is quite decent.

(Discreet Season 3 Opener Spoiler)
I will warn you that there is a significant cast member departure at the beginning of season 3, but the replacement is SO good that the show actually gets better. So don't let that throw you off!

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