Friday, April 1, 2016

Making a House, a Home

These days my life revolves around my health, editing "The Mermaid and the Unicorn", and the NEW HOUSE. I don't want to write about my health, and I can't tell you about M&U stuff, so...


The big move was this past Saturday - wow, it's already been a week since we got the rest of our stuff over here?

We had a lot of stuff. You wouldn't have believed that we were moving out of an apartment.

I got a lot of stuff in that apartment. Too much.

Thankfully we had a lot of friends and family to help us out! I was recovering from a migraine, so I sat and directed the movers with my magic paper towel wand.

Nathan did more heavy lifting.

Wondered what our couch looked like under the teal cover I made? UGLY FOAM. Comfy, but UGLY.

After everyone left, Nathan and I kept unpacking for a couple more hours. We didn't get to sleep until after midnight. Nathan was pretty happy to get his computer unpacked in his new office.

Since then, it's been more chill. Nathan got the apartment cleaned up and ready to relinquish. I've been unpacking and planting seeds.

We were tremendously blessed by the fact that Nathan's mom packed up the majority of our stuff for us. This meant that I have been able to use my energy for unpacking and organizing the new house. It's a very slow process, but thankfully I've had a solid good week so I've made more progress than I expected. Some corners are starting to look like home!

Our living room now has TWO chairs! (as opposed to just one)

Our sellers left a few interesting things behind. The curtains were expected - we requested them in our offer. The little brown bookshelf, assorted mirrors, and large plastic dinosaurs on our deck? Unexpected, but welcome!

There will be a piano in the area where the ship is now, we're just waiting for the ground to dry up to move it out of my parent's home.

Also, we're going to be painting some of the walls in here teal. Yay!

After two years of having our dining table directly in front of the entrance, I am so thrilled to have a proper dining room! (No, that mirror will not be staying that high. It was just a spare nail that happened to be there and Nathan hung it up to keep it safe.)

Here's one of the less presentable areas. My mom thoughtfully unpacked the kitchen boxes and laid everything out on a table so that it would be easy for me to put away.

THIS is one area I'm very excited about - it's a sort of foyer at the bottom of the basement stairs that we're going to line with books and is thus called the book nook. I got a lot of teasing during moving for all of the books I own... but nowadays I only buy in paper what I can get for cheaper than digital, so these were mostly older acquisitions.

The upstairs bathroom isn't quite where I want it yet, but the downstairs has come together nicely! I finally get to break out my second bath set! (I want to repaint these walls light green eventually.)

This is going to be my sewing room. Nathan has to put up shelves before I can unpack, and I'm so busy with getting the upstairs done that I'm not rushing the basement.

This is all of my craft stuff. MOST of it will go into the sewing room.

This is my laundry room! Although I have plans to brighten it up some, it's a palace compared to the scary laundry rooms we saw in other houses...

I've posted several kitchen photos on Instagram, but here is one I took just for this post! Can you tell I'm a little obsessed with spices and herbs?

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AnneMarie said...

Your home is so darling! It's wonderful that you're getting to settle in and unpack. That teal cover on the couch is beautiful, and it sure transforms the couch! Wow, I never imagined the couch would look like that without the cover, it's amazing what a little teal fabric can do!